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Quality vs. Cheap Dentures


Many people will find themselves needing dentures at some point in their lives. Often times this is a sensitive situation, and many people will feel embarrassment over their need for dentures. They want to get a pair of dentures right away and don’t give enough time or thought to the quality and appearance of the dentures. But those are the two biggest factors you should consider when choosing a denturist, as the resulting product is something you will be using and wearing day in and day out for years to come. A high quality, properly fitted denture can save you embarrassment, time and money in the long run, and yet many people still cling to the notion that cheaper and faster is better. So why isn’t the cheap, fast denture the way to go?

It may seem like a great way to save some money and get a serviceable product right away, but there is a reason that cheap dentures are cheap. Many cheap dentures are ill-fitting right off the bat or lose their fit after only a few weeks of use, and many don’t stand up against daily wear and tear, losing their color and appearance. Dentures made in these offices aren’t created specifically for the wearer, they come from a process that closely resembles an assembly line. Denturists will measure and fit your mouth, but they use pre-manufactured, stock denture bases and teeth that may or may not fit perfectly.

That isn’t to say that cheap denture offices don’t care about you, they just understand that their clientele want inexpensive dentures in a hurry. They just don’t have the time to properly fit and create a quality product under those conditions. And while you might end up with serviceable dentures from this process, if your mouth doesn’t naturally fit the stock denture options, there isn’t much that can be done by these denturists to fix the issues and custom fit your mouth. So you may end up saving money and time up front, but if you’re too embarrassed to wear these ill-fitting dentures, is it really worth it?

The best bet for finding a pair of quality dentures is to have a pair created for you by an experienced denturist that can create a custom pair of dentures for your mouth. Custom dentures are fitted and manufactured specifically for you, and denturists will work hard to match the individual size, shade and shape of your teeth so that the resulting dentures look natural and fit comfortably. Custom dentures also last longer because they fit with your mouth perfectly and aren’t rubbing or grinding, and the materials used in the custom manufacturing process are of a higher quality.

It may take a bit more time and a bit more cost, but having a pair of custom dentures created specifically for your mouth is a worthy investment. Your resulting dentures will look better, feel more comfortable, and last longer than any cheap pair you might find, and the confidence you’ll gain from having an amazing smile once again is priceless.

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