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Natural Dentures of Oregon

Say goodbye to loose and missing teeth and say hello to Natural Dentures. We can address your dental problems by delivering innovative and high-quality results for your oral health! Relax as we craft your individualized dental care plan and pledge to make you feel comfortable throughout your visits. We’ve restored over 20,000 smiles and we can’t wait to be a part of restoring yours!

Natural Dentures is operated by dental care experts who have years of experience in dealing with various oral health issues. To make each visit more valuable, we’ll keep you updated and educated about available treatment plans and options.

Together with our dedicated denturists, we guarantee affordable yet premium services using revolutionary technology. At Natural Dentures we only want what’s best for you and your smile! Set an appointment at one of our denture clinics in Oregon: Eugene, Florence, Salem, Corvallis (Newport) and Roseburg. We’ll have you smiling with full confidence and brilliance!

Our Smile Restoration Services

1. Full Dentures

We believe in individuality and will provide custom-fit dentures that are really yours! We have various denture materials to fit your preference. It will only take three to seven visits for you to gain that smile you have always yearned for. Our dentures are so well-crafted and natural-looking that people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing them.

2. Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are devised to replace missing teeth. We advocate non-extraction of remaining healthy teeth. By fabricating custom partial dentures we can fill gaps optimally while protecting the integrity of the remaining teeth.

3. Dentures on Implants

Dentures on implants are a fixed replacement option that will stand the test of time! Dentures on implants, otherwise known as snap-on and screw-in dentures, are implant-supported dentures that help reduce bone loss and improve facial structure. Implants are designed to replace your existing teeth using materials and surgical implant techniques that provide a fixed and or removable solution.

4. Temporary Dentures

For cases where all teeth have to be extracted, temporary or immediate dentures are used to allow the gums to heal and the muscles to be trained for wearing dentures. This acts as an alternative while your permanent dentures are being fabricated.

5. Dentures in a Day

Using premium denture materials, you’ll have your fullest and most confident smile back in the afternoon. For Dentures in a Day, We’ll start with a consultation where we listen to your concerns, run visualization tests, and immediately proceed with a plan for your new dentures. This is a fast dental process but quality of care and integrity always comes first.

6. Dental Crowns

Crowns are a replica of the externally-visible portion of a tooth and are placed directly over titanium implants or a prepared tooth (depending on the case). crowns look, feel and function just like natural teeth. A dental crown is durable, easy to floss and will not be affected by damages on adjacent teeth.

7. Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a single structure that has a minimum of two to three crowns and is used to replace missing teeth between the healthy remaining teeth. It is economical and aesthetically-pleasing.  It involves the filing of remaining adjacent teeth to fit and replace the lost teeth.

8. Dental Implants

Dental implants are a titanium screw that is implanted into your jawbone to provide a permanent base for replacement teeth. The implant provides a solid base, functioning similar to real teeth. Dental implants can be an effective solution for people suffering from missing teeth or chronic tooth decay.

9. Denture Relines

In response to the ever changing architecture of the mouth, it is recommended that dentures be relined every 18-24 months.

10. Denture Repairs

Equipped with on-site labs, Natural Dentures is always readily available for denture adjustments and repairs.

Dentures made by Natural Dentures provide maximum comfort at an affordable price. You have the option to choose from a wide variety of denture materials and options to fit your lifestyle and budget. Our team at Natural Dentures promises a great and gorgeous smile that looks absolutely natural!


I really like your service . Very friendly people.

– Gladys S.

They were very informative and explained everything to me very good. I was offered several different payment plans which I appreciated very much.. I was very satisfied with all services by all employees in this clinic

– Lucinda H.

Very pleasant, Shawn Murray was wonderful. I knew right away, she would do a great fit and she did!

– M. N.

It was a very good experience, I’ve already recommended my mom who is now a patient of Natural Dentures.

– Norma R.

My experience with Todd and the Natural Dentures team was excellent from start to finish. I couldn’t be happier with my dentures and I received personalized care that made my experience extremely positive.

– Terry B.

Nels worked very hard at making me happy and doing a outstanding job. I will indeed go back there when I need to and recommend them to anyone that is looking.

-Freda A.