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Ask The Denturist: Volume 7

In the seventh installment of “Ask The Denturist” Q & Natural Dentures Ask the Denturist Volume 6we ask a common question for people looking at dentures as a permanent tooth replacement solution.

Q. Can I wear my dentures forever?

A. No. Unfortunately, dentures are not designed to last forever, and in fact, wearing them beyond their useful service life can cause serious problems. Extremely worn dentures actually begin to change their shape from overuse. Over time, they become flatter, shorter and looser until they no longer fit the mouth correctly. This change in shape causes the jaw to close further than is necessary, changing what we call the “bite relationship” in your mouth. Not only does this issue create a sunken or emaciated appearance that can be quite striking, it can also cause serious functionality issues such as difficulty chewing, increased pain and soreness, and TMJ, a condition which can be very painful.

Old dentures are also much more prone to breakage and can snap quite easily. And once they break, it can be hard to adjust to a new set of dentures, particularly if the old ones have been ill-fitting for quite some time.

To prevent any issues that may arise from wearing old, damaged dentures, see your Denturist annually. He or she will be able to ensure a proper fit on your current set of dentures by adjusting or relining (refitting) them so that they continue to fit correctly. It is recommended that dentures be relined once every two to three years to prevent any issues from developing.

To get more insights regarding dentures and whether they are a good solution for you, please schedule a free consultation with Natural Dentures and discuss your situation with one of our Denturists today.


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